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Whether you’re managing one, hundreds or even thousands of physical locations, employees, customers, or other entities, your organization deals with many business related licenses, permits, certificates, contracts, agreement and other regulatory-, tax- or financial-related recurring renewal items.

Failure to renew these in a timely manner leads to fines and possibly operations being halted by regulatory bodies, ultimately resulting in lost revenue.  For larger organizations, managing such items is a time-consuming process that diverts staff members away from other responsibilities.

RenewalTracker reduces the number of steps needed to manage recurring renewal items, maintaining all data in a single, cloud-based, online solution that authorized users can access from anywhere through a web browser.

Visual cues and e-mail notifications alert users when renewal deadlines are imminent, eliminating the chance for late payment of renewal fees.  RenewalTracker is cost-effective, easy to use and maintenance-free — preventing expensive penalty fees caused by missed renewal payments while ensuring continuous business operations and customer satisfaction.

Never miss a recurring renewal item again

No Missed Payment Penalties, License, Permit or Certification Expirations or Loss of Business

Online notifications about upcoming renewal deadlines ensure you avoid unnecessary financial penalties or loss of business from missed renewal payments. Simply enter a recurring renewal item in RenewalTracker with the necessary information, including coverage period, renewal due date, and amount and forget about it until it comes due.

As a further safeguard against late payment, RenewalTracker automatically sends email notifications to the responsible parties within your organization about upcoming renewal items, well in advance of expiration dates.

RenewalTracker takes the hassle out of managing regulatory commitments. As the renewal item moves through the standardized process, simply update key information at each milestone including the creation, notice receipt, remittance, payment confirmation and notice received for a streamlined and efficient operation. RenewalTracker can optionally create the next renewal item with the new future expiration date to automate your process. No more late fees, no more lost business, no more hassle.

RenewalTracker Streamlines Your Recurring Item Compliance

Standardized, Centralized & Secured Renewal Management for Any Recurring Item

RenewalTracker(TM) is a secure, web-based, solution that requires no software installation, maintenance or support by your organization. It enables organizations to easily standardize enterprise-wide compliance and tracking of vital permit, licensing, certifications, contracts, agreement and other recurring, time-sensitive business items including tax, regulatory, and virtually any other renewal payment commitments.

RenewalTracker helps replace complex, time-consuming manual procedures with a simplified, user-friendly process. Authorized users view and administer renewal item information online in a central repository reducing the hassle of managing renewal items.

Eliminate the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, paper-based reporting processes or other decentralized means you use to track your regulatory commitment information. Streamline the process and ensure data integrity by granting role-level privileges to view and manage renewal information in a password-protected web-based solution.

RenewalTracker is Available When You Need It

Accessible Using Internet Browser

RenewalTracker requires no additional software or hardware for you or your organization to purchase, install, support or maintain. As a completely managed, hosted software-as-a-service solution, RenewalTracker is automatically updated periodically with new features.

This leaves you to easily and effectively manage your recurring regulatory commitment business process, while leaving the technology to us.

RenewalTracker is priced with value in mind

A Cost- and Time-Effective Renewal Item Management Solution

For a low recurring subscription fee, based on your organization’s needs, you can utilize all of RenewalTracker’s capabilities to manage your recurring renewal processing needs.

Using RenewalTracker to centrally manage and streamline your current renewal process will allow your employees to focus on other key tasks. RenewalTracker replaces a labor-intensive, often inefficient procedure with an easy and effective means of tracking and administering recurring renewal and regulatory commitments.