Feature Overview

RenewalTracker provides key features and capabilities allowing easy and effective management of recurring renewal item processing.
  • Secured log-in, role-based privileges and specific user assignment access.
  • Manage an unlimited number of renewal items within user-defined time horizons such as 15, 30, 60, and 90 days.
  • Track key item details including paying authority, invoice and related payment information, accounting codes, user-defined fields and renewal history.
  • Search, print, export and e-mail renewal items.
  • Instantly generate forms such as check requests and other correspondence that contain custom item details.
  • Store electronic documents for any item allowing instant access to supporting documentation.
  • Set e-mail reminder notifications detail upcoming renewal item due dates.
  • As an administrator type user, manage all of RenewalTracker’s key features and information online.

My Renewals Dashboard

  • Information is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection providing 256-bit data encryption.
  • Quick access to items needing immediate attention across authorized locations.
  • Easily filter renewal items to display or perform an advanced search.
  • Display address and contact information at various levels.
  • Immediate access to items due within user-defined time horizons.
  • Summary overview of items including item status visual indicators highlighting those needing immediate attention.
  • Easily navigate to all authorized renewal items.
  • E-mail item information to others, export item details to Microsoft® Excel® and more.
RenewalTracker Dashboard View

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Item Management

  • Capture general renewal item information including type, name, number, coverage period, frequency, vendor/authority and comments.
  • Track renewal item information including status, due date and associated amount.
  • Create and manage user-defined renewal item fields to capture additional information used for tracking and workflow processing.
  • Manage renewal item PO, invoice and payment information for a complete view of the entire payment process.
  • Assign accounting codes for detailed payment tracking and reporting.
  • Associate and store electronic documents with the renewal item, allowing instant access to supporting documentation.
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Automatic Notifications

  • Email reminders are created and sent to desired recipients which can include internal and external parties
  • Daily Item Summary emails sent to authorized Users per their desired schedule detailing items coming due
  • Item Reminder emails sent to desired recipients per the designated schedule ensuring all required parties are notified and can take necessary action
  • Email messages can be configured to include the desired subject and body text, the required item information, and other company branding information such as a logo and customized links to personalize
RenewalTracker Item Summary

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RenewalTracker Item Reminder

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