Is RenewalTracker expensive?

Because our user interface is Internet-based, there is no need for RenewalTracker users to install and maintain expensive software or hardware.  Our submission-based pricing model makes the total cost of RenewalTracker minimal, allowing you to focus your IT spending on other efforts.  You simply pay a recurring periodic subscription amount based on your needs.

We are very flexible and strive to provide outstanding service to our customers.  Please contact us for more information on our customized pricing models and let us meet your unique needs.


Can RenewalTracker really improve my renewal activities?

RenewalTracker centrally manages renewal information and makes it available to all authorized users.  RenewalTracker reminds you when renewal deadlines are imminent, eliminating the risk of late payment fees and loss of business. Accessing your renewal information online is an easy and convenient way to manage your entire renewal process.


Will RenewalTracker process renewal item applications and required payments for me with each state and taxing authority?

RenewalTracker is a web-based solution that centrally manages the business license and permit renewal information.  Renewal payment processing is currently the responsibility of someone within your organization. RenewalTracker can help organize, manage, and alert when renewal items are due making it easy to stay on top of the payment process.


Will my data be secure?

Yes – only users with a valid username and password can access RenewalTracker, ensuring the renewal information is protected.  Your organization will designate an administrator who will assign appropriate access and editing privileges to users.

RenewalTracker encrypts the information communicated between your Internet browser and RenewalTracker itself using Server Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry-standard for protecting web communications.  The RenewalTracker solution is hosted in a secure environment providing real-time monitoring and data back-ups.