A partial list of satisfied RenewalTracker customers and their success stories.

Coast Dental & Orthodontics

Coast Dental & Orthodontics is one of the largest dental care providers in the U.S. with over 115 locations in Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Texas.

Dental service specialties include breath management, bonding, bridges, crowns, dental cleanings, dental implants, dentures, extractions, fillings, inlays, onlays, oral cancer screening, oral surgery, partials, periodontal therapy, root canals, veneers, and whitening.

2,000+ Items for 115+ Locations
  • State, County & City Tax Licenses
  • Business Occupancy Licenses
  • Professional Certifications & Licenses

RenewalTracker makes it simple to manage all the unique licensing criteria that our offices are subject to.  Over the four years we have used the product, we have not had any late penalties.”

Jeremy McMillan
Records and Licensing Manager
Coast Dental Services, LLC



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Ed Bell Construction Company

Ed Bell Construction Company offers a vast array of capabilities tailored to the heavy/highway and municipal reconstruction markets.  Today, the company has in excess of $100,000,000 worth of contracts in progress with a variety of customers and entities.  Over the last 20+ years, they have constructed in excess of 150 projects worth close to $1 billion.

1,600+ Items for 350+ Vehicles
  • Vehicle and Equipment Permits, Licenses, Certifications and Inspections
  • General Business Licenses, Permits and Certificates

RenewalTracker makes it simple to manage all the unique licensing criteria that our offices are subject to.  Over the four years we have used the product, we have not had any late penalties.”

Phillippe Falkner 
Business Services Speclialist
Ed Bell Construction Company



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SnowCap Technologies

SnowCap Technologies is a New England-based consulting firm and reseller founded by industry veterans, each with decades of experience helping customers address business challenges through technology.

1,450+ Items for 100+ Customers
  • Customer Support Agreements
  • Customer Warranty Contracts

With RenewalTracker, we can easily generate an online view that lets a customer know how many items are up for renewal in the next 90 days. For us, that means that things don’t slip through the cracks, and for them, it equates to better and more responsive service. Since we started using RenewalTracker, customer satisfaction has gone way up.”

Brad Maher 
VP, Technology and Services
SnowCap Technologies


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Patton Compliance

Patton Compliance provides insurance licensing and compliance consulting services to third party administrators (TPAs), employee benefit plan administrators, insurance companies, adjusters and adjusting firms, insurance producers and insurance agencies.

6,000+ Items across 50 States
  • General Business Licenses, Permits and Certificates
  • Tax Filings & Reports

The automation provided by RenewalTracker makes it much easier to keep track of both one-off and recurring filings for all our clients, no matter where they’re located and what type of renewal it is. The process is so much easier now.”

Madeline Bardolf 
Patton Compliance



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NKSFB LLC is one of the largest business management practices in the country, representing many of the world’s top entertainers, musicians (recording and touring), producers, athletes, executives, high net worth individuals, and entrepreneurs.

7,600+ Items for 400+ Clients
  • Life & Disability Policy Renewals
  • Medical & Dental Policy Renewals
  • Property & Casualty Policy Renewals

RenewalTracker provides much greater flexibility than our old system. It allows us to provide our brokers with complete information so they can present it to the client two weeks before the renewal is due. This improves our underwriting and policy management.”

Barbara Wintroub 
Insurance Manager



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Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

The Carlos Rosario School provides quality education to the diverse immigrant population in the District of Columbia through English as a second language, workforce development, and support services.

100+ Items across 10+ Departments
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Inspections
  • Certifications

All of our vendors need to be paid on time and RenewalTracker enables me to make this happen. Things are running much more smoothly now that we’re using the application, which has allowed us to centralize our processes. It’s simple to use and easy to teach to others.”

Kalani Johnson 
Executive Assistant to CFO and General Counsel
Carlos Rosario School



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  • RenewalTracker makes my job a lot easier because I am able to track when we receive a certification and whether we have sent it to one of hundreds of our dental offices.  Just in case one gets lost in the mail, I scan a copy into RenewalTracker so we can reissue it if necessary.–Jeremy M., Records and Licensing Manager at Coast Dental

  • With RenewalTracker, we’re doing the same task more efficiently with better results in about a quarter of the time it took before.–Phillippe F., Business Services Specialist at Ed Bell Construction Company

  • With RenewalTracker, we have a more accurate forecast of what’s to come in terms of customer renewals, which is very helpful to the sales team.  They know exactly when renewals are coming up and can alert their customers, which means we’re not missing renewals anymore. This is a big win and gives us a competitive advantage.–Brad M., VP of Technology Solutions and Services at SnowCap Technologies

  • Our staff really likes being prepared for whatever items are coming up for renewal.  If they’re taking some time off next week, they know what needs to be taken care of in advance, which provides the kind of peace of mind we didn’t have when we were still relying on spreadsheets.–Licensing Director, National Finance Company (required to not name)

  • Our clients rely on us to handle their insurance and compliance needs, so we cannot afford to make mistakes.  RenewalTracker assists us in our mission to provide the best service possible. It does everything we need it to do, and one time even saved us from missing a filing.”–Madeline B., President at Patton Compliance