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Subscription Tier Pricing

We have many subscription-based pricing tiers to choose from starting with our Basic Tier.   

Please contact us to learn more about our other pricing tiers or request a custom quote and receive the information via email.

Basic Tier



Every month

Unlimited items, 5 Groups*, 3 Full Users, 3 View Only Users, 1 GB Attachment Storage, and Multi-Factor Authentication (One Time Password code via email)

SAVE 15% with $399 annual subscription!

  • Organize items within 5 Groups*

  • Unlimited items across all Groups*

  • 3 Full User accounts included

  • 3 View Only User accounts included

  • 1 GB Attachment storage included

  • Unlimited Automatic Email-Based Notifications

  • Unlimited importing and exporting 

  • Set up assistance and ongoing support included

  • Additional options include Single Sign On and more Multi-Factor Authentication methods

*What is a Group?

RenewalTracker bases our subscription pricing on the number of Groups you need to ideally categorize your items.  


You can define Groups to be anything such as physical locations, organization business units, departments, states, cities, counties, customers, clients, vendors, employees, or virtually any grouping you need.


The flexibility of RenewalTracker allows your organization to create the ideal structure to manage your renewal items.

Expand and Grow

Choose from several subscription pricing tiers or work with us to create a custom option to accommodate your specific needs.  Each tier comes with an included number of Groups*, Full and View Only User accounts, and GBs worth of Attachment storage.  You can always expand and add more Groups*, Users and Attachment Storage to your existing subscription tier or move to a larger tier.  

Save up to 15% by subscribing to an annually renewable subscription rather than month-to-month.

Please contact us to learn more about all our subscription pricing tiers and how we can put together the best value with the least cost option for you.  We are your business partners and we want to help!

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