Process Overview

Process Overview

RenewalTracker is flexible and can support your ideal renewal management process. Whether you simply want to set key renewal dates and be notified or you want to completely manage the entire renewal item process, RenewalTracker can help to streamline.


Quickly create business licenses, permits, certificates, tax payments or any other type of recurring item for locations in your organization.

Create your own item types and organize the items you want to track into your organization’s location structure.

Simply select a location and quickly enter in a few key attributes such as name, due date and possibly amount and authority. RenewalTracker will watch this new item as it comes closer to the due due.

Enable RenewalTracker to automatically create items based on the desired renewal frequency.


Easily view the online calendar dashboard and display listing of items within in a single or across all locations and see past due, due immediately or coming due items that need attention.

Easily see items that are coming due in user defined time horizons such as within 30, 60, 90, and 120 days. Items that are due very shortly or are past due are very noticeable alerting you to their critical nature.

Unless the item is your location you manage or time horizon that is critical, you can trust RenewalTracker to keep it on your radar.


Immediately access necessary item renewal fees, important dates, payment, accounting, taxing authority contacts and other supporting information and documentation.

As items come due RenewalTracker allows the appropriate user to simply select the item and manage the critical information. Create user-defined fields to capture additional information needed to effectively manage your process.

Upload supporting documents and files in their native format into RenewalTracker for centralized management and safe keeping. They are just a click away.


Automatically receive email messages listing items that are coming due altering those locations and required people to take immediate action.

You can rest assured that Renewaltracker is actively managing your items across all your locations. After you initially create your item you can simply forget it and let RenewalTracker notify you when it is coming due via email based on your desired notification schedule.

Of course appropriate users can also access RenewalTracker directly and manage the item as necessary.


Simply click an item to renew, generate an optional payment request for your internal payment group, email important information to location managers and automatically create the next item.

Your item moves along a status workflow process from initial creation, through payment, all the way through completion allowing essential tracking and information capturing.

Manually create the next item or let RenewalTracker automatically create the next item in series based on the item frequency. RenewalTracker makes it easy to manage the process.